An integrated medical solutions platform.

Meshworks offers a new design and manufacturing platform for orthopaedic custom implants. The medical industry is reinventing itself through the use of Additive Manufacturing for implant design. Meshworks provides the key technology and services to unlock that advantage. Our design and manufacturing operate under an ISO 13485 quality management system and comply with the strictest medical device regulations (MDR).

Additive custom-made titanium cages.

Our titanium-based custom-made implants are designed specifically to the patient’s bone geometry. Every implant is unique and individual, prescribed by the surgeon, and designed/manufactured by Meshworks. The purpose of the implant is to use additively manufactured meshes to fill and fuse large bone cavities caused by trauma, tumor removal, revision surgery, deformities, bone necrosis and other types of bone reconstruction.

Example of the bone fusion structures enabled by our additive process. Coarse mesh designed for autografting / structural support (left). Fine mesh designed for optimal bone in-growth in bone / implant interface (right).

Selective laser melting. Controlled.

Meshworks has a complete workflow for building mesh structures that enable us to deliver a level of complexity in modelling and fabrication unheard of in laser powder bed fusion.

Example of implant architecture enabled by the selective laser melting process.

A better digital representation.

Unlike other build processors which require volumetric representation to be manufactured, we have developed new methods of generating scan paths directly from abstracted representation such as *.arch or *.ltcx. These techniques allow us to generate build data for larger and faster representations than competing workflows.

Macro of CAD of spinal cage / In tradtional Mesh format (left), and in ARCH or LTCX format (right). Courtesy of Betatype.

A better physical structure.

This extrapolated scan path generation translates into more accurate 3D printed components with a lower level of defects and porosity. This enables improved structural strength, increased device safety, and wider design envelopes.

Comparison of mechancial properties between a porous structure processed and built using standard parameters (grey) and meshworks parameters (blue).

Fully customisable porosity.

Pore size is key to bone ingrowth. Our process allows fine control over porosity size and distribution. This enables us to deliver higher distributions of specific porosity over other structures. With tuneable porosity, each implant can be customised to support the ideal combination of short and long term bone in-growth.

Example of fine meshes designed to improve wicking. The fluid is absorbed and held inside the porous structures.


Surface roughness is a critical factor on the biological response and stability of the implant. Meshworks’ processing software can precisely control the behaviour of the laser to tailor the roughness of the metal surface.

Examples of surface roughnesses achieved by additive using our processing software.

From CT data to patient geometry.

Meshworks employs ISO13485 validated medical software to reconstruct the surgical CT data.

Example of CT reconstruction: foot and ankle.

Surgeon support in design process.

Meshworks assists surgeons in the use of advanced computer aided design software to develop the most optimal surgical approach.

Example of a simple surgical approach: long bone reconstruction.

Generative implant design.

Meshworks’ generative design software creates an implant and surgical tools that meet surgeon specifications and that conform to our internal technical files.

Example of a generatively designed fusion cage for autograft: long bone reconstruction.

Virtual design validation.

Patient characteristics, surgical approach, implant geometry, and fixation points are different in every case. Meshworks employs state-of-the-art numerical simulations to validate each designed implant and ensure appropriate structural integrity and implant stability.

Example of finite element analysis of a representative loading scenario: spinal lumbar cages.

Design to surgery in 2 weeks.

All the design information is then collated and prepared for surgeon review. Once approved, the implant enters our manufacturing process and it is delivered to the hospital within 2 weeks.

Process diagram of the design and manufacturing process of custom implants.

Additive solutions for your designs.

Meshworks offers its ISO13485 validated manufacturing cell to implant designers. We can prepare, make, and post-process your most complex implant geometries. We understand that designing for additive is not trivial — we support you in addapting your designs and devices to the process (e.g. ensuring printability and cleanability).

Orthopaedic Implants / Built on a Renishaw AM250 in Ti6Al4V. Courtesy of Betatype.

Support in developing technical files.

As legal manufacturers, having a comprehensive and robust set of technical files is paramount. At Meshworks, we are experts in medical additive manufature, its associated processes, and its regulatory challenges — we support you in successfully developing your technical files in a time and cost efficient manner.

Example of additive manufactured Ti6Al4V mechanical properties (net-shape) as a function of the build angle.

Bringing your designs to the next level.

Our software technologies can apply porous surfaces onto your implants of any shape or size — from the most complex acetabular augments to simple lumbar cages. Our tools provide an unprecedented level of customisation over the porous structure — every beam is manipulatable. We can generate and locally vary the topology to deliver optimal porosity and mechanical properties, maintaining your baseline design but augmenting its functionality.

Concept Posterior Lumbar Cage / CAD render. Courtesy of Betatype.

Optimising for mass production.

Betatype's patented laser scanning processes enable us to build porous structures faster enabling major cost savings in mass production. In a benchmarking case study looking at manufacturing over 100 posterior lumbar cages we reduced build time by over 60%.

Spinal Implant Serial Production Build / Over 800 Posterior Lumbar Cages built on a Renishaw RenAM500Q in Ti6Al4V. Courtesy of Betatype.

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